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Memories That Will Forever Be Hot

He was sitting in the house watching a soap opera on TV. This was his wife’s favorite program. It reminded him so many things about his dear wife. She was always in charge of the remote control. She would request everyone to be silent so that she could enjoy to the maximum. Unfortunately, Anne the beautiful, lovely and charming wife was no more. She had passed on.

The man remembered how romantic his pretty wife was. She always kissed him any time anywhere. Be it while eating, watching TV, driving. Name it. She really loved her husband. She always wanted to prove that she was the best woman for him in the entire world.

The man remembered how he used to hold his wife by the waist. How he used to whisper into her ear, telling her I love you. He remembered how she would softly respond with’’ I love you too dear honey’’. This response would melt his heart. It gave him a feeling that he was the most loved and luckiest man in the world. His beautiful Anne was heavenly sent; he believed so.

Anne was not just romantic but also a woman that any man would crave to go to bed with. She had a figure that every woman desires to have. Her sexy curves and perfect waistline blew the mind of many onlookers. She knew she was beautiful. She knew her husband adored her beauty. Those who knew Anne described her as the epitome of beauty.

The man recalled one night when his pretty wife lit their bedroom with candles and played soft music in the background. That night, Anne wore a panty and bra that were both pink in color. Her bra revealed the shape of her big succulent breasts. This put her husband on fire. She decided to blindfold her man with a piece of cloth because his sex drive was escalating at blazing speed. She shook her round hips as he grabbed her husband from the living room straight to the bedroom.

She took off the piece of cloth from his eyes. The man was amazed by the way the bedroom had been set. Everything was pink. Candles lit from every corner. This put him in mood for romance. He knew that his wife wanted them to have the best moment ever in bed. They began to kiss and caress each other passionately until they were fully stimulated. They got into action and enjoyed themselves to the maximum. All these things ran in his mind. But they were just memories of the past with his late wife.

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